Day 2 - Letting It Sink In

I woke up this morning feeling a little differently since going public. I thought about others and the obsession or passion or pure drive they must have to be enthusiastic, nay, giddy about working each day, planning the project and taking the steps needed to carry it through to the greatest fruition possible. When I ran a magazine, I had a drive and passion to see it be successful, not only from a personal standpoint, but also to fulfill the contractual, ethical and business contract I had with the publisher. The drive I had to work that to its best, was different than this. THIS is about me - someone I know intimately as well as not very well at all. There is more investment here and it causes me to have a bigger vision, perhaps because I am in this alone and not hampered by the smaller visions of collaborators. It's sinking in, it's sinking in.
On a side note, had a great talk with mom yesterday, she told me about the K Street boarding house she used to run, and how it had been converted from a 'house of ill-repute', in which the woman she now lived with, used to work.